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    Creating Productive and Fair Workplaces
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    Effective Response to Staff Survey Results
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    Unless the ‘solution’ is practical, is designed for the specific workplace dilemma and is able to be comfortably and confidently implemented,
    it will not be a solution

Julie Cork & Associates

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Conversations about Supporting Women in the Public Sector

As a follow on to our 2015 Conference Conversations about Supporting Women in the Public Sector a number of Interest Group Hubs have been formed and are continuing to meet.


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Julie Cork & Associates are a premium provider of practical assistance and support in managing people and organisations.  

They provide services in:

  • Organisational Improvement, including Organisational Reviews and Workforce Planning utilising action-learning techniques to achieve optimally effective outcomes;
  • Leadership & Management Development,  including one-off Workshops and Seminars on topical issues as well as their enduring popular and highly developed longitudinal action learning based Leadership and Management Development programs (attended by more than 2500 mangers);

  • Leadership Team Effectiveness including increasing the effectiveness of leadership teams and enhancing their development;

  • Creating Productive and Fair Workplaces including grievance avoidance and resolution, avoidance of bullying, discrimination and harassment, diversity management and building functional and productive teams;

  • Executive Coaching;

  • Effective Responses to Staff Survey Results, including collaborative development of action plans to address issues identified in the results of staff surveys; and

  • Policy and Policy Frameworks including analysis, development and provision of advice in relation to the whole range of people management and HR policies.

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