About Us

Julie Cork & Associates is a group of highly experienced professionals who have joined forces around their common interest in helping organisations to operate effectively.  Members of the group are all experienced managers, with most having worked at Senior Executive (SES) and/or equivalent levels.  Their practical, hands-on experience is supported by a solid theoretical understanding of management, developed through a mix of interest/fascination with organisations, research and academic analysis. 

An article of faith for the group is that managers at all organisational levels can effectively manage situations in their workplace, if given permission to do so and provided with the right support.  They believe that the most effective answers to problems are found by working with the people on the ground in the situation and are committed to employing the principles of action-learning in their work.  They also have confidence in the fundamental goodwill of human beings (even when interacting in their workplaces).

Members of the group collaborate as Julie Cork & Associates to facilitate Practical People Management (PPM) Programs and to provide a range of other people management services.  PPM programs, with their unique blend of elements, provide each member of the group with a setting in which their various professional perspectives combine to powerful effect.