Bullying; Old Problem, New Urgency

An essential for all with management responsibilities 

Since the legislative changes in 2014, there has been a steady stream of complaints from across the employment spectrum.  The powers given to the Fair Work Commission to accept and deal with complaints of bullying and the publicity surrounding a number of high profile cases have raised the profile of workplace bullying.  Leaders and mangers need to understand bullying in order to confidently manage their workplaces to prevent the occurrence of cases, including cases of so called “upwards bullying”, and minimise workplace impacts of the increased publicity.  Ensuring that managers are equipped is a must to minimise both disruption to the workplace and workplace productivity as well as limiting liability for the organisation.  Failure on the part of organisations to prepare could prove to be both embarassing due to resultant negative publicity and very expensive.

In the two half-day workshops that comprise this program, participants will be assisted to:

  • Understand the drivers to act (including requirements of the Fair Work Act, the Work Safe Australia Advisory Standard & FWA Anti-bullying Benchbook);
  • Understand behaviours that constitute bullying; and
  • Develop their capacity and confidence in handling issues relating to bullying including instances of upwards bullying;
  • Develop a plan to implement in their own workplace/organisation to deal with the most pressing bullying issues.
  • Build a network of contacts with similar concerns and motivations. 

The workshops are highly interactive and offered four weeks apart.  Participants attend both half-day workshops to complete the Program.  A resource document is provided to each participant. 

This program can be provided in-house for a set fee or individual places can be purchased  on an open program.    ($5500 + GST for in-house Program [20 participants] or $375 + GST per person on open program)

Enrol in a Program:

Wednesday 24 February, 2016, 8.30 am – 12.15pm and
Wednesday 30 March, 2016. 8.30am – 12.15pm
Cost: $375 + GST per person

Program requires a minimum number of enrolments