Confident People Management (CPM)

A longitudinal action learning leadership and management development program that provides those in upper/middle management ranks with practical skills and confidence for getting the best out of their people.  It is particularly focused on leading and managing in tight financial times and is a second generation program, having been built on our learnings from delivering its forerunner - the Practical People Management Program (PPM) to around 2500 managers. 

Both CPM and PPM are generally delivered over four to six months and include the equivalent of six days of face-to-face workshops plus the provision of individual coaching and support from the program facilitators for each program participant.  Participants discuss and practice in the workshop setting, essential leadership and management skills (e.g. providing feedback) preparatory to practicing those skills back in their own workplace between workshop sessions.   A comprehensive participant Resource Booklet is provided to each participant. 

Participants also complete an Action Learning Project.  The Action Learning Projects are carefully chosen by participants in consultation with their line manager. They are likely to address issues that are important and significant to the participant and must also contribute to achieving one or more of the goals of their organisation.  The completion of Action Learning Projects by participants has provided significant return on investment (ROI) above and beyond the direct ‘training’ benefits of CPM.  Whilst each program is built around the needs of the participant group attending that specific program, topics typically covered in a program include:

  • Identifying the cultural features of your organisation:
    • The operating environment of your particular organisation;
    • Challenges in different sectors (private, public, community); and
    • Strategies for influencing the culture.
  • Getting optimal performance from your people (i.e. managing performance effectively):
    • The power of active listening;
    • Positive Feedback;
    • Corrective Feedback; and
    • Coaching for success.
  • Leading in a way that maintains productivity and engagement in difficult times:
    • Minimising the chances of harassment & bullying occurring in your organisation/workplace;
    • Effectively managing harassment & bullying situations and claims;
    • Handling grievances & complaints.  
  • Influencing, including:
    • Managing upwards; and
    • Identifying your own style and sphere of influence.
  • Change:
    • Managing the process of change; and
    • Managing your people through change.
  • Leadership and/or management:
    • What is leadership & what is management?
    • Have I got the mix correct for my job?
    • Strategies to adjust the mix when it is necessary
    • Leading and managing in different situations.
  • Succession Planning:
    • Transitioning staff to more senior roles.
  • Team dynamics:
    • Getting the best from the group;
    • Developing teams that are focused, productive and safe;
    • Decision making in teams; and
    • Productive meetings.
  • Managing in tight financial environments;
    • Identifying what to stop doing;
    • Managing risk.
  • Minimising absenteeism.
  • Managing people in a matrix environment
  • Identifying and engaging the expertise you need

CPM can be provided in-house for a set fee ($26 400 + GST) or individual places can be purchased on open programs ($3 000 + GST per participant).  Up to 20 people per program

Enrol in a Program:


Wednesday & Thursday 16 & 17 March, 2016 
Wednesday 13 April, 2016
Wednesday 11 May, 2016
Wednesday 8 June, 2016
Wednesday 13 July, 2016
Cost:      $3 000 + GST per person
Early Bird Rate: $2 600 + GST per person 

Early-bird rate available for enrolment received before 19 February, 2016. 


Tuesday & Wednesday 17 & 18 May, 2016 
Tuesday 14 June, 2016
Tuesday 19 July, 2016
Tuesday 16 August, 2016
Tuesday 13 September, 2016
Cost:      $3 000 + GST per person
Early Bird Rate: $2 600 + GST per person 

Early-bird rate available for enrolment received before 15 April, 2016.

Programs require a minimum number of enrolments