Effective Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Effective Sexual Harassment Awareness Training (ESHAT) equips managers to facilitate discussions with their own staff about the unacceptability of sexual harassment in the workplace.  It is designed to enable managers to provide the awareness raising which is necessary to comply with legislative obligations. 

 Manager facilitated discussions provide a more effective and cheaper alternative to traditional awareness raising which is generally delivered by an external expert or accessed through an on-line training session.  Manager initiated workplace discussions also provide the opportunity for managers to discuss and reinforce their expected standards of workplace behaviour.

Sexual Harassment Awareness Training is a must for organisations who wish to avoid major liability in the event of an harassment complaint.  The conventional face-to-face sessions for all staff delivered by an internal or external consultant, even when it is supplemented by “compulsory” online training, or online training used alone, are not optimally effective.  Furthermore, they have been found by tribunals to be insufficient to preclude penalty to the organisation in situations where local managers and leaders in the organisation’s workplaces continue to behave in ways inconsistent with developing and maintaining an harassment or a bullying free environment. 

The program is tailored to the knowledge, skill and confidence level of the managers involved and can vary in length from a half a day to a one and a half day workshop.

This program can also be used as a cost effective way of raising awareness in the area of bullying.

This program is available in-house for a set fee of $ 5 500 + GST for one and a half days.

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