Workforce Planning

A program designed to equip those responsible for organisational units with the skills and confidence to develop robust and helpful workforce plans.  Program participants initially identify the vision and strategic goals of their organisation and organisational unit.  They then undertake a systematic identification of factors relating to their present and future workforce which are likely to influence the achievement of the vision and strategic goals.  Finally workforce plans that both anticipate future developments and make the most of them are developed.  The program is designed to be delivered over two workshops days with an optional half day follow-up/recall day once participants have developed workforce plans for their individual organisational unit.  Issues covered include:

  • Identifying the vision/s:
  • Identifying demands that flow from the vision/s
  • Identifying what those demands mean in terms of workforce capability and skill sets;
  • Planning how that workforce capability can be achieved and how those skills sets can be made available to the organisation or organisational unit concerned.

This program is available in-house for a set fee of $8 800 + GST. 

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