Workplace Harassment Contact Officer Training

This is a program to equip Workplace Harassment Contact Officers (WHCOs) or their organisational equivalent (including Sexual Harassment Contact Officer, Bullying Contact Officers or WH&S Representatives) with the skills, knowledge and confidence to both undertake their roles successfully and assist their organisation comply with relevant legislative obligations.  These programs are highly interactive and include discussion of cases and incidents.  Participants are encouraged to bring to the group for discussion their own real life case studies.  The program consists of two, three or four workshop days depending on the base skill level of those selected in the roles.  Issues covered typically include:

  • Understanding the legislative framework;
  • Understanding the organisation’s policy framework;
  • The role of the WHCO – what it is and what it isn’t;
  • The role of management;
  • The role of other staff/workers;
  • Development of skills required in the WHCO role including:
    • Active listening and negotiation;
    • Communication;
    • Coaching;
    • Conflict Resolution.
  • What cases can teach us; and
  • Undertaking with WHCO role professionally.

This program is available in-house for a set fee of $6 600 + GST for a two day program. 

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